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Ebook - Measure what matters

How to maximize the impact of a portfolio

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Amid global challenges, impact investing has become a potent force for positive change

Based on 3 pillars (intention, addition, measure), implementing an impact investing strategy raises operational challenges.

This paper provides insights on the 3rd pillar: measure what matters in impact investing.

Discover how to identify and evaluate key metrics using expert insights, real examples, and global standards. We’ll discuss quantifying impact and comparing scores across assets.

Join us to gain essential skills for accurately measuring extra-financial performance and navigating the impact investing landscape.

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Cover Ebook - Mesure What matters-1

I What to expect from this ebook ?

  • Why engage in impact investing ?
    • The limits of traditional finance
    • The opportunities of impact investing
    • Escaping the pitfall of greenwashing
  • Measuring the impact
    • Defining the investor's impact thesis
    • The state of play of sustainable finance
    • Kimpa's impact measurement
      • Setting the basics
      • Portfolio consolidation
      • Portfolio example : Impact progress
  • Conclusion
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